Hi! My name is Brent Petring and welcome to my blog.

I have always enjoyed learning more about how teams in business work together to complete complex projects effectively. My particular interest is in the civil engineering world as well as the construction industry and how these large scale projects can operate smoothly or go horribly wrong depending on the actions and experience of the project management teams.

I received my undergraduate degree from the University of Nevada, Reno in Civil Engineering with an emphasis in environmental engineering. I currently work at Jensen Pump Stations as a project manager designing and producing packaged sewer and storm water pump stations for clients across the West Coast. During my tenure with Jensen I have worked with dozens of engineering companies and even more contractors, providing me the opportunity to see both sides of the quality spectrum when it comes to project managers. My position allows me privilege of seeing a project from the initial concept design all the way through installation and operation of a station.

Since graduation I have been intrigued with working in teams and how beneficial it can be. I don’t think there is anything more powerful than a team that has a common focus and works well together. These groups operate with extreme efficiency, proficiency, and the members have naturally less stress than their unorganized counterparts. While my direct experience is in the engineering industry, my work with contractors and time at job sites has increased my awareness of how important a good project manager is for construction teams as well.

Today, I am focused on understanding project management in construction and civil engineering because of the current expansion that is happening in my hometown of Reno, Nevada. In the last couple years multiple billion dollar companies including Apple, Tesla, Amazon and Switch, have either began building, or set in motion the plans for new mega-developments. The boom in Reno has provided countless opportunities for local businesses as well as new jobs for the area, however it has stretched some companies to a new limit. With the new challenges, it is a perfect time for me to bring strategies, techniques and recommendations to project managers to help them complete thir projects on time and under budget. Efficient designing and construction of these new facilities benefits the entire community.

I was born in Anaheim, Ca. but I have always felt like Reno was where I grew up. Reno is a great city that is large enough to have the big city feeling, but still small enough to see people you know on a regular basis. I believe this is a great area for any type of person with the countless mountain trails, to the lakes and rivers, the scenery is beautiful and Reno boasts a great nightlight with regular performances by headline musicians and acts. Furthermore, every weekend Reno plays host to another festival or event providing numerous opportunities for families and friends. I truly enjoy learning more about project management and I want to share my knowledge with my community and others to help them be the best places to live possible.